Can video improve your website’s search ranking? There’s no doubt that online video is popular these days. Very few SEO marketing Video companies agree on the best way to leverage your videos. However, they all agree, video is becoming essential to B2B digital marketing and SEO strategies. Ranking high on Google is an SEO’s top priority, so it is difficult to ignore the Forrester study that says “pages with video are 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results.” Yes, that study may be old, but the point remains – Google SERPs prioritize video results, more now that they own YouTube.

Google’s algorithm to find and index videos will only get better over time…and the competition for these results will obviously get more fierce, which means a high ranking will get tougher. So, if you haven’t created a video yet, now is the time. Included with your video production you will receive our 25 tips for SEO tactics you can use to up the ranking of your videos in search results?

A little cleverness and a lot of perseverance will make your ranking rise and your sales as well. If you’re serious about raising your rankings and your sales, you might want to consider video as a way to get your company noticed on the Internet. Here’s a good example of how video worked for a business that makes blenders, of all things: Blendtec, made a series of videos called “Will it Blend.” They make industrial grade blenders that were modestly selling with sales increasing a bit every year. Their blenders are very strong and someone in the organization decided to demonstrate just how powerful their blenders are using video. The basic premise is to take an object or objects like iPhones, golf balls, etc., and make a video of the blender in action. Currently their videos have over 100 million views in aggregate. It took a while for the first ones to catch on, but once they did, the page views went through the roof as did their ranking on the web. But most importantly their sales went up dramatically. They’re still making the videos and the videos still easily surpass a million views every time one is posted on their site and YouTube.